This web page describes the book The Way Computer Graphics Works, by Olin Lathrop.  This book is an approachable introduction to the basic technology of computer graphics.  Published by John Wiley and Sons, 1997, ISBN 0-471-13040-0. 

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Book Contents

This book uses a great many color images throughout to illustrate concepts.  These web pages contain the book's outline with all the illustrations included at low resolution.  Each chapter is in a separate web page to make it easier to look for specific topics, and to reduce download time.  The entire outline with all the images takes up over a megabyte, even at these reduced resolutions. 

Where to Buy

If you don't see this book at your favorite book store, make sure to complain to the manager and get all your friends to do the same.  Seriously, most places that sell computer-related books should carry it. 

The official cover price is $32.95 US, $46.50 Canadian.  Most places seem to discount it about 10% or so, particularly if you are a member of an organization like IEEE, ACM, etc.  Be sure to check this when ordering. 

I also sell it directly for only $25 (US) if you can catch me at a seminar or whatever where such things are allowed.  If you happen to be in Devens Massachusetts (the former Fort Devens army base in Ayer), you can stop by my office, but call first since I'm not always in. 

Here are some places that I know sell it via mail order.  These are just the ones I've bumped into, as I haven't gone out looking for URLs.  Where possible, I've listed two URLs for each store.  The first one is for the store's home page, the second one is as specific to this particular book at that store as I could find. 

If you sell this book via mail order and you'd like to be listed here, send a quick note with the URLs to

About the Author

I do mostly consulting (def), custom training, and custom software/firmware development.  If you like the way I present this kind of material, you can have me do a private training session for your staff.  I've done everything from given general overviews to management to discussed detailed intricacies of how to do things like texture mapping, alpha buffering, etc., in silicon with design engineers.  I love talking about this stuff almost as much as getting paid for it. 

While getting paid is nice, I recognize that I've learned much thru the generosity of others.  I believe it's a professional's duty to eventually give this back by helping newcomers to the field.  Let me know if you'd like a talk on computer graphics at your conference, school, college, university, or whatever.  While I can't make blanket promises, all request will be considered seriously. 

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