EasyProg PIC Programmer

Last Updated 14 July 2008

This product has been discontinued

The EasyProg is a low cost device for writing the program and other information into the non-volatile memory ("programming") some of the Microchip PIC microcontrollers (PIC is a registered trademark of Microchip Technology Inc).  The EasyProg is intended for hobby and prototyping use.  Professional users that require just works operation are referred to the USBProg PIC programmer.  Industrial users that require a robust PIC programmer for embedding into production fixtures are referred to the ProProg PIC programmer. 


Supported PICs

The DIP package version (when available) for the following PICs can be programmed directly in the ZIF socket:

The DIP package version (when available) for the following PICs can be programmed in the ZIF socket, but a modification must be made to the programmer first.  To add support for these chips, connect pin 7 of the ZIF socket to pin 32.  We recommend you permanently solder a wire between these two pins on the bottom of the board.  Doing so will not disable support for any other PICs.  All the PICs listed above can still be programmed by a modified programmer that has pins 7 and 32 of the ZIF socket connected. 

The DIP package version (when available) for the following PICs have a pinout supported by the ZIF socket.  However, these PICs require a slightly lower Vpp programming voltage than the EasyProg produces.  Although these PICs appear to work directly in the ZIF socket, we recommend a voltage divider be used on the Vpp pin.  This can be done by using an adapter (not included) with the ZIF socket or by using the in circuit programming lines from the ICD OUT connector.  For these PICs we recommend a voltage divider of 180 ohms in series with target Vpp pin, and 2Kohms from the target Vpp pin to ground. 

PICs that are supported in the current software but that have DIP packages with pinouts that required adapters (not included) for use in the ZIF socket are:

The following PICs require an alternate firmware version and are not supported by the firmware pre-programmed into the controller of kits and assembled units.  The current recommended firmware for these target PICs is available on the software download page.  These target chips are not compatible with the ZIF socket and are supported for in-circuit programming only:



To keep the price as low as possible, the EasyProg is not shipped with software.  The official software is available for free download.  Click on the heading above for details.