EmCan Protocol Specification

Application IDs

This document lists the assigned application IDs as defined by the EmCan protocol.  See the APPROLE frame description for details of application IDs.  Application IDs are 31 bit values. 

EmCan is only a framework for utilizing a CAN bus.  The framework provides standard ways of identifying bus devices, determining their capabilities and compatibility, assigning small temporary bus addresses, etc.  EmCan is intended to provide a common infrastructure to facilitate applications, but is not a application itself.  In fact, it deliberately leaves many of the possible CAN frames to be defined by applications since the purpose and requirements of different applications vary widely. 

Since each application defines its own protocol within the EmCan framework, there must be a means to identify what application or applications a device is compatible with.  Each different application is therefore assigned a unique ID.  Since all application IDs need to be globally unique, they are assigned by a central authority. 

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The assigned application IDs are listed below.  The 31-bit IDs are expressed as 8-digit hexadecimal numbers with a space between two groups of 4 digits.  The full range of possible application IDs is therefore shown as 0000 0000 to 7FFF FFFF. 

0000 0000


0000 0001

Massachusetts General Hospital low cost medical dummy. 

0000 0002

Olin's Depot MorBus


Reserved for internal use within a organization, for experimenting, development, or other private use.  Devices reporting these application IDs must never be publicly distributed. 


Reserved to specifically indicate unassigned or not set yet.  Devices could be, for example, initially programmed with this value with the correct value set as part of the production test procedure.  This might be necessary, for example, if the application ID is held in a external EEPROM, since unwritten EEPROMs generally have all bits set to 1.  The final value could even be set over the CAN bus by use of a device test command (extended data frame with opcode 992-1007), which would only accept the new value when the existing one is 7FFF FFFF. 

Devices reporting this application ID must never be publicly distributed.