EmCan Protocol Specification

Vendor Blocks

Last updated 6 December 2013

This document lists the assigned vendor blocks as defined by the EmCan protocol.  See the ADRASSIGN frame description for details of vendor blocks. 

Vendor blocks are 20 bit values.  Every different EmCan compatible device must have a unique 24 bit vendor block ID.  Vendor block IDs are the vendor block number in the high 20 bits and a ID within that block in the low 4 bits.  Vendor blocks are assigned uniquely to organizations that make EmCan compatible devices.  The organization then assigns up to 16 IDs within the vendor block.  Organizations can be assigned additional vendor blocks as previous ones are used up (all 16 device IDs have been assigned to real devices). 

CLICK HERE to have a vendor ID assigned to your organization. 

The assigned vendor blocks are listed below.  The 20-bit vendor block value is expressed as 5-digit hexadecimal numbers.  The full range of possible vendor IDs is therefore shown as 00000 - FFFFF.  Click on assigned block numbers to see the IDs allocated within that block. 




Embed Inc


Olin's Depot


Reserved for internal use within a organization, for experimenting, development, or other private use.  Devices reporting these vendor blocks must never be publicly distributed. 


Reserved to specifically indicate unassigned or not set yet.  Devices could be, for example, initially programmed with this value with the correct value set as part of the production test procedure.  This might be necessary, for example, if the vendor block number is held in a external EEPROM, since unwritten EEPROMs generally have all bits set to 1.  The final value could even be set over the CAN bus by use of a device test command (extended data frame with opcode 960-991), which would only accept the new value when the existing one is FFFFF. 

Devices reporting this vendor block must never be publicly distributed.