Program LIBPIC
                              26 July 2019

libpic <input file name>

This program runs the Microchip library manager MPLIB.  MPLIB requires all
arguments on the command line, including the list of object files to put
into a library.  This program takes the MPLIB command line arguments from
the input file.

This program runs MPLIB in the directory where the input file is stored.
Each line in the input file is added as one additional argument to MPLIB.
The input file is deleted if MPLIB completes without errors.

The MPLIB assembler executable is assumed to be at
(cog)extern/mplab/mplib.exe.  This is intended to be a symbolic link
pointing to the actual executable, the location of which depends on how
MPLAB was installed.  The EMBED_EXTOOL program automates creation of this

The input file commands are:


       Create a new library file.


       List the members of a library.


       Delete members from a library.


       Replace members in a library.  If a member does not previously
       exist in a library then it is added.


       Extract members from a library.  If no members are specified, then
       all are extracted.


       Quiet mode.  No output is displayed.


       The first file name is the name of the library to manipulate.
       Additional file names form the list of members.