26 July 2019

linkpic <gpath>

This program is a wrapper that runs the Microchip MPLINK linker.  GPATH is
the generic pathname for this link.  Implicit and default file names will
start with <gpath>.  For example, the HEX output file name will be
<gpath>.HEX, the map file <gpath>.MAP, etc.

The MPLINK assembler executable is assumed to be at
(cog)extern/mplab/mplink.exe.  This is intended to be a symbolic link
pointing to the actual executable, the location of which depends on how
MPLAB was installed.  The EMBED_EXTOOL program automates creation of this

The following files will be read or created/overwritten:


    This is the MPLINK linker command input file.  It must be present.
    This command file is the only way to specify object modules and
    libraries to link.  It also contains other control information.  See
    the Microchip MPLINK documentation for details.


    Contains a single line that is the name of the particular PIC the
    firmware is built for.  A example is "16F1786".  When this file is
    present, its contents are passed to the linker with the /p option.
    This option is used to tell the linker which PIC is being targeted.


    Absolute executable created as a result of the link operation.


    Memory map output file.


    HEX output file.  This file will be in Intel INHX32 format.


    Output file in Microchip format.  This file is required by the
    Microchip debugger.  Some of the other output files are derived from
    the .cod file after the .cod file is created.