Olin G. Lathrop
Groton, MA 01450
(978) 448-3734
olin@embedinc.com (ogl@embedinc.com no longer valid)
Last updated January 2022

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Brief Description

Electrical engineer with 40 years of experience.  Strong background in other areas, like firmware, software, physics, and math.  Experience leading engineering teams through all development phases. 


Technical leader and contributor that is responsible for overall architecture, coordinates engineering efforts across disciplines, and leads and grows junior engineers. 


Employment History

2015 to present

Chief Engineer and Engineering Manager at Jowa USA, Littleton MA. Jowa is a worldwide company, with the USA group specializing in measuring tank levels, primarily on cargo ships.

1998 to 2015

Principal of Embed Inc, a custom engineering and consulting company specializing in embedded systems. Some example projects were: 

October 2004 to April 2008

Electrical and firmware engineer for Radianse in Andover MA.  Radianse was a startup company creating indoor location systems to track equipment, staff, and patients in hospitals.  Activities included:

1988 to 1998

Co-founder and Principal of Cognivision Inc, which originally provided data visualization software and related products and services to scientists and engineers.  Cognivision eventually transitioned to a consulting company and was renamed Embed Inc (see above).  Specific experiences included:

1986 to 1988

Design engineer at Apollo Computer.  Key contributor to architecture of DN10000VS graphics controller, and helped coordinate project at a technical level.  The DN10000VS was the first commercial workstation to incorporate industry leading graphics features such as alpha buffering, texture mapping, quadratic interpolation, and sub-pixel addressing.  Major contributor to theory and algorithms for the advanced features, and co-inventor of several patents relating to the DN10000VS. 

1982 to 1986

Engineer for Raster Technologies, a manufacturer of computer graphics display controllers.  Major contributor to the 3D products.  Included designing instruction set, writing host software, embedded firmware, micro-code, and hardware design of a floating point 3D processor. 

1980 to 1982

Engineer at Hewlett Packard's New Jersey Division.  Designed digital and analog instrumentation circuits for data acquisition and process control products. 

1974 to 1980

Various on-campus jobs while working towards master's degree.  Wrote operating system for a mini-computer in assembler.  Designed and built analog testbed for researching charge coupled device (CCD) integrated circuits.  System programmer for Interactive Computer Graphics Center. 


Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in May 1980.  BS in EE from RPI, May 1978.  Courses focused on electrical engineering with strong software background and experience. 

Relevant Publications


Other Professional Activities


Enjoys nature photography, and other outdoor activities.  Serves as appointed member of the Groton MA Conservation Commission and the Invasive Species Committee. Licensed pesticide applicator in MA, and performs such work as a volunteer for the the Invasive Species Committee. Leads hikes for the Trails Committee and the Appalachian Mountain Club. Referees youth soccer.