Embed Software Downloads

Last updated 2 Nov 2022

Be sure to read the legal notice before using any software found on this web site. 

You should also read the INSTALLATION DIRECTIONS before attempting to install a software release.  Note also that multiple software releases must be installed in oldest to newest order.  Failure to follow the directions may result in system corruption and loss of data

Full runtime

install_public_exe.exe (32,510,464 bytes, 2 Nov 2022)

We have now lumped most everything into one release. This release directly gives you everything you need to just use our tools.

This release also includes hooks to get our source code from GitHub, and to build it. We no longer distribute source code directly. See the Building Embed Software document for more information.

Eagle tools

install_eagle.exe (6,052,864 bytes, 2 Nov 2022)

Scripts, libraries, and other tools related to using the Eagle electrical CAD software. The facilities here were developed for use with Eagle version 7 (the last release before the subscription model), but will likely work with later versions too.

This release will create the directory EAGLE within the software installation directory.  This will contain various libraries, scripts, ULPs, and other facilities.  Install the release and look around in the EAGLE subdirectory.