Embed Inc is a consulting company specializing in the electrical, firmware, and software engineering of embedded systems, but we also offer a line of standard products.  Most of these products were developed as we or our customers found a need while designing and producing embedded systems.

Resellers are welcome.  Reseller discounts are available.  Contact Embed Inc for price and quantity information. 

Current Products

USBProg2 in-circuit PIC programmer that connects to the host PC via USB.  The rugged box makes this unit suitable for field use.  The free software includes drivers for Windows XP and later, 32 and 64 bit.  $125 in singles, $105 each in OEM 10-pack.

LProg ultra low cost PIC programmer for the 3.3 volt only PICs.  $120 for five. 

ReadyBoard-01 ready to go board for projects using PICs with the 28 pin footprint like the 16F886, 18F2620, etc.  Power supply, RS-232, debug LEDs, and more all taken care of, with large breadboard area for your circuit.  From $66.67 to $89.99. 

ReadyBoard-02 ready to go for PIC USB projects.  Comes with 18F2550 and example software to control pins right out of the box.  Very flexible power supplies, RS-232, debug LEDs, and large breadboard area.  From $64 to $75. 

RSLink2 Logic level to RS-232 converter.  Converts logic level microcontroller UART signals to RS-232.  Runs on 3.0 to 5.5 volt power.  $69 for five. 

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Discontinued Products

These products are listed to provide documentation of existing units. 

USBProg in-circuit USB PIC programmer for professional lab or bench use.  Replaced by USBProg2. 

RSLink Logic level to RS-232 converter.  Converts the 0 - 5 volt UART signals of most microcontrollers to RS-232 compatible with a standard PC COM port.  Requires 5 V power.  Replaced by RSLink2.

ProProg in-circuit PIC programmer for embedding into production fixtures.

EasyProg socket PIC programmer for hobby use.

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