PIC Programmers Software Downloads

Last updated 23 Mar 2024

This web page provides easy access to the official and third party software for the Embed PIC programmers (USBProg2, LProg, USBProg, ProProg, EasyProg).

Be sure to read the legal notice before using any software found on this web site. 

Official Software Downloads

This section provides the latest officially released software and firmware.  Read the INSTALLATION DIRECTIONS before attempting to install a software release and to see the list of supported operating systems.  Failure to follow the directions may result in system corruption and loss of data.

Operational Software

install_picprg.exe (14,990,336 bytes, 23 Mar 2024)

All the end user runtime software.  This is all you need if you just want to use an Embed PIC programmer and are not interested in developing software for it.  This software release includes:

The latest programmer firmware is included in this release.  The firmware .HEX files will be in the SRC > PICPRG directory within the software installation directory.  The latest software is usually backwards-compatible with earlier firmware, although some advertised features may not be available in that case.  The latest firmware for each type of Embed PIC programmer is:

Refer to the documentation for your specific programmer on how to upgrade the programmer firmware.

Protocol specification

picprg_prot.txt (76,638 bytes, Version 29.12, 29 Oct 2022)

Describes the protocol between the Embed PIC programmers and the host computer.  This document is also included in the software release, above.